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Soldier of Fortune (Platinum Edition)

Soldier of Fortune (Platinum Edition)
  • Manufacturer:  Activision, Inc.
  • UPC: 00047875311879
Now updated with a wealth of new multiplayer features, Soldier of Fortune, Platinum Edition combines all the explosive first-person shooter action of the original and Gold Editions, then adds five new multiplayer modes, the BradyGames strategy guide disc, and a preview of the much-anticipated Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. In Soldier of Fortune, Platinum Edition, you take on the role of a mercenary tracking down a fanatical terrorist organization in one of the most realistically gruesome games for the PC. Play through more than 30 missions from the original title, featuring sabotage, assassinations, and deadly assaults that challenge you to eliminate your enemies before they eliminate you. Fifteen multiplayer levels, new team modes, and character models from the Gold Edition combine with the Platinum release's five new multiplayer modes to create the definitive Soldier of Fortune collection. As with the Gold Edition, this title sports a new bot feature that plays the game for you while you're offline! (Ages 17 and older)  Brand: ACTIVISION.  Binding Video Game.  Platform(s): Windows 98 Windows Me Windows 95.  Publisher(s): Activision.  Label: Activision.
Manufacturer: Activision, Inc.
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