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Griffin RoadTrip digital player car holder / FM transmitter / charger

Griffin RoadTrip digital player car holder / FM transmitter / charger
  • Manufacturer:  Griffin Technology
  • Part #: 5026-CRDTRPB
  • UPC: 00685387050260
RoadTrip is a high-powered FM transmitter, battery charger, and a convenient cradle in your car for iPod. Meet RoadTrip, the only car accessory your iPod will ever need.

RoadTrip's FM transmitter can broadcast your iPod on any FM frequency from 88.1 to 107.9 MHz. Its backlit screen makes it easy to check which frequency RoadTrip is broadcasting on - and the buttons located directly in front make it easy to set or change frequencies. It’s easy to reach, because of RoadTrip's adjustable positioning arm. And while you're listening, RoadTrip is charging your iPod.

RoadTrip is designed to use in the car; but what makes it truly unique is its removable FM transmitter module. When you arrive at your destination, unplug the compact transmitter and take it with your iPod. It works just as well away from the car, to send your music to your boombox radio or home entertainment system. But it’s not just for iPod, you can also use it to broadcast music from a Mac or PC. The package includes a combination USB power and audio connector cable that can plug into any USB-equipped computer. Play your iTunes, movie soundtrack, or presentation audio from your computer to any FM stereo close by.
Manufacturer: Griffin Technology
Part Number: 5026-CRDTRPB
Lowest Price (CAD): $49.99
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