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BlackBerry Storm Vinyl Decal Skin Kit - Flower Cloud

BlackBerry Storm Vinyl Decal Skin Kit - Flower Cloud
  • Manufacturer:  Skin Kits
  • UPC: 00825724021199
Why limit your personal style to your appearance?  Protect your device from minor scratches and abuse, while giving it a customized unique look, as pictured!  This vinyl adhesive-backed decal for the BlackBerry Storm covers both the front and the back.  Offering unrivaled fit, finish and coverage, the Skin Kits™ brand is the #1 choice of vinyl skins by gadget lovers worldwide!

You value your device -- don't let other brands deface it!
When you decide that it's time to replace your current skin with a new design, (or you simply wish to remove the skin), this brand of skins does not damage your device. The skin can be removed cleanly and easily -- it will not leave any glue behind like other brands out there.

This BlackBerry Storm skin kit (and most other skin kits we offer for hand-held devices), comes with a FREE downloadable background wallpaper, which continues the design of the skin throughout the screen!
Make a lasting impression!
For best results and longevity, please review the easy installation tips on the manufacturer website before opening the package: www. skinkits. ca/installtips. php  Brand: Skin Kits.  Publisher(s): Skin Kits.  Label: Skin Kits.
Manufacturer: Skin Kits
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Lowest Price (CAD): $15.99
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