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Belkin TuneCast II Mobile Transmitter - FM transmitter

Belkin TuneCast II Mobile Transmitter - FM transmitter
  • Manufacturer:  Belkin Corporation
  • Part #: F8V3080-APL
  • UPC: 00722868490334
Listen to music from your MP3 player through Belkin's improved FM stereo receiver. The Belkin TuneCast II FM Transmitter, an enhanced version of the TuneCast I, connects portable music players to your car or home stereo using FM radio waves. The TuneCast II scans all FM frequencies 88.1-107.9MHz (as opposed to just four frequencies that other transmitters offer) and selects the best frequency for your music experience. It also memorizes up to four FM frequencies to give you easy and quick access to your favorite songs.

The TuneCast II also features a unique Auto ON/OFF function, which frees you from manually toggling your TuneCast II's ON/OFF switch by simply powering on when an audio signal is detected. If there is no signal detected for a period of 60 seconds, your TuneCast II will switch off. This innovation preserves battery life while making your mobile audio experience simpler.

Just plug the TuneCast II into the headphone jack of your iPod , PDA, MP3, CD, or cassette player; or connect it to your PC or laptop computer. Tune your car stereo or receiver to any clear FM frequency, and enjoy your music experience with more sound and fewer wires.
Manufacturer: Belkin Corporation
Part Number: F8V3080-APL
Lowest Price (CAD): $40.92

Product Features

Brand : Belkin
Device Type : Other
Model : II Mobile Transmitter
Packaged Quantity : 1
Product Line : Belkin TuneCast

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