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Rayovac L312ZA-16ZM Mercury Free Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries Size, 312 -16 pack

Rayovac L312ZA-16ZM Mercury Free Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries Size, 312 -16 pack
  • Manufacturer:  Rayovac
  • Part #: L312ZA-16ZM
Rayovac Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries offer long lasting power, high voltage, and reliability. This second generation battery has been improved to offer higher voltage and power just as good as standard products. And because this battery is 100 percent mercury free, you can minimize your impact on the environment.
Rayovac hearing aid batteries are designed with the environment in mind. The packaging is made from mainly recycled materials and is fully recycleable. mercury free formulation allows you to dispose of your batteries in regular trash, without the worry of negatively impacting the environment through Mercury.

Easy-to-Use, Portable Package
A unique and convenient dial turns for quick and easy dispensing of the batteries, while a rear door protects the batteries from damage. A perforated card allows you to tear off the bottom dial for portability and compact storage. Each pack comes with a four year freshness guarantee.

Rayovac - The world's longest lasting mercury free hearing aid battery.
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Battery size chart. View larger. Rayovac mercury free Hearing Aid Batteries Size 312
At a Glance:
  • mercury free battery provides long-lasting power equal to standard products
  • 1.45 volts for fast power-up
  • Easy-to-use dial for fast battery removal
  • Perforated card allows removal of bottom dial for portable, convenient storage
  • Rear door protects batteries from damage

Highest Capacity and Higher Voltage Battery
This superior cell design battery provides exceptional power and consistent performance throughout its life. Using a new and advanced voltage cathode to deliver 1.45 volts for an even faster start up, this hearing aid battery offers the highest capacity - the world's longest lasting mercury free battery. Your hearing aid device was an expensive investment - choose the best battery to power it. Choose Rayovac Mercury Free Hearing Aid Batteries.

About Rayovac
From their creation of the world's first wearable vacuum tube 70 years ago, Rayovac has a long, proud history of product innovation. They introduced the use of zinc air cells and designed new hearing aid battery references, packaging, and pack sizes. In 2009, Rayovac introduced a mercury free hearing aid battery with performance equal to standard product as part of their commitment to providing a high performance product while also reducing the use of harmful chemicals in production. Their production facilities are ISO 14001:2008 certified to show their continued support of pro-environmental measures.

What's in the Box
Rayovac L312za-16zm, mercury free Hearing Aid Battery, Size 312, 16 Count
Size 10 Size 312 Size 13 Size 675 8 count    16 count
24 count    32 count 8 count    16 count
24 count    32 count 8 count    16 count
24 count    32 count 8 count
 Brand: Rayovac.  Binding Health and Beauty.  Publisher(s): Rayovac.  Label: Rayovac.
Manufacturer: Rayovac
Part Number: L312ZA-16ZM
Lowest Price (CAD): $13.97
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