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Shades iPod Classic 6G/7G Case, Skin - 80, 120, 160GB(2009 Model) - Ultra Violet

Shades iPod Classic 6G/7G Case, Skin - 80, 120, 160GB(2009 Model) - Ultra Violet
  • Part #: SCA08
The Way Apple Intended it.
Shades iPod Classic cases were designed to be ultra thin & lightweight allowing you to enjoy your iPod the way Apple designed it. Unlike silicon cases, Shades for iPod Classic are resistant to dirt, grease, and stains. They are easy to clean and 100% Recyclable. Please read more on our website. Don't be fooled by their thin size.
Shades iPod classic cases are made with a durable soft plastic, providing your iPod with full screen protection & click-wheel and access to all the iPod's ports. Free to Accessorize.
Want to use that portable speaker system or universal dock? Don't worry about removing the case: the unique design of Shades iPod classic 6G cases allows you to use most 3rd party accessory on the market. Frequently Asked Questions: Are Shades cases made from a hard or soft plastic?
The material is soft and flexible, yet strong and durable, guarding against everyday hazards such as impact, water spills, dirt, dust and more. Are the Screen & Click-Wheel Protected?
Yes! The case is one piece and covers the entire iPod including the Screen and Click-Wheel. You can still use the Click-Wheel with ease with the case on. Do Shades cases protect against impact damage like drops?
Although thin, Shades cases will protect your device from scratches, dents and minimal impacts. During tests, we have found shades cases to withstand everyday drops without scratching. Generally, Apple builds iPods strong enough to withstand hard impact on their own. If the Click Wheel is not Responding please visit our website Support section.  Brand: Shades.  Binding Electronics.  Publisher(s): ShadesCases.  Label: ShadesCases.
Part Number: SCA08
Lowest Price (CAD): $7,080.39
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