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Griffin 6227 elan Form Pink Leather Hard Shell for iPod Touch

Griffin 6227 elan Form Pink Leather Hard Shell for iPod Touch
  • Manufacturer:  Griffin Technology
  • Part #: 6227-ITELNFMP
Griffin's Elan Form is an elegant hard-shell leather case, shaped to perfectly fit your iPod Touch.
The shell's form-fitting design bonds top-grain leather to durable, protective polycarbonate, to encase your iPod in two layers of protection.
The top-grain leather outer shell is crafted from hand-matched hides, while the polycarbonate inner shell surrounds your iPod with armor.
Put your iPod in the top casing then snap the back into place.
To open the case, insert a coin (a quarter works best) into the notch in the bottom corner, and twist gently.

All this protection still affords easy access to click wheel or touch screen, dock connector, headphone port and hold switch.
Elan Form is available in sizes to fit the new iPod nano, iPod Classic, and iPod touch.

What's in the Box:
Black Griffin Elan Form Hard-Shell Leather Case for iPod touch
 Brand: Elan.  Binding Electronics.  Publisher(s): Griffin Technologies.  Label: Griffin Technologies.
Manufacturer: Griffin Technology
Part Number: 6227-ITELNFMP
Lowest Price (CAD): $9.61

Product Features

Bag Type : MP3 Player Case
Brand : Griffin
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